Allegion Americas, a security products and solutions provider, introduced a new brand, Zentra, focused on access solutions for multi-family properties.

Zentra’s integrated solutions (combining software, hardware and related services) — initially offered in the United States — will secure properties while enabling hassle-free access.

The brand’s offerings are unified by a single software platform with integrated hardware and support services to enhance back-end efficiency for property managers and improve the overall resident experience. Zentra was created with operators, residents and multi-family integrators in mind — helping provide all with the security that fits their unique needs.

“We could not be more excited to launch Zentra as part of Allegion’s portfolio,” said Dave Ilardi, senior vice president and president of Allegion Americas. “With Zentra, our company is taking another step forward toward our vision of seamless access and a safer world.  It enables properties to establish and strengthen their electronic access capabilities and modernize, benefiting both residents and property owners.”

Zentra’s suite of solutions offer the following benefits: one system to unify and manage complete property access; mobile authentication for authorized individuals; real-time perimeter access management supported in the cloud; API integrations with property technologies beyond access; easy upgrades (mechanical to smart lock retrofit); and a dedicated customer success team.

“Residents’ lives are full of movement, constantly accepting deliveries, coordinating in-home or on-location services, welcoming visitors and so much more,” said John Goodwin, vice president and general manager of multi-family access of Zentra. “Zentra is focused on simplifying the whole experience of selecting, installing and using smart access solutions for multi-family buildings to drive higher adoption in the market and deliver increased return on investment for property managers and owners. Coming from Allegion, a trusted name in security, provides added confidence for users and channel partners.”

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